Core Values


  • Inclusion– all activities of Sangat Development Foundation, aims to improve inclusion of its members, beneficiaries, stake-holders and other associates in the process of country governance and in implementing all its internal management.
  • Integration- All activities of SDF seek to integrate voices of civil society together in order to build common stance on the process / systems for democratization of the society.
  • Neutrality-SDF remains politically non-partisan with no affiliation to any political, ethnic or religious group.
  • Transparency– All activities of SDF will be transparent and open to public scrutiny. Accountability– As an important feature of democracy, SDF promotes accountability of all actors (members, councils, donors, project and staff). They are accountable for their actions, performance and conduct.
  • Robust Methodology– All statements by SDF are based on facts and research that follow a statistically sound methodology and comprehensive analysis.
  • Non-discriminatory Practices– All SDF members are expected to follow non discriminatory practices on the basis of belief, caste, race, gender, geography etc.